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Navigating Life and Career Transitions With Confidence

If you could have a more fulfilling career right now what would that be?

If you’re considering a career change or just looking for something with more promise than your current position, what are you going to do, where do you start?   Sometimes the uncertainty can be overwhelming. 


But here’s one thing that is certain…YOU have the power to create your new chapter in life.  Life is too short to get stuck in the wrong profession. Or, maybe you’ve had a successful career and now you’re in search of something new and more fulfilling.  Please join me in helping you discover the next chapter in your life journey!


Hi, I’'m Kelly!

I know a lot about career transitions as I spent nearly 30 years as an executive with companies like American Express, Hilton Hotels and Disney.  I really climbed the corporate ladder but found myself stressed out with little to no work-life balance. 


I transitioned to being a consultant and want to guide you in your career transition.  I want to help you learn how to shift away from stress, fear of change, even a loss of identity…to having confidence in finding your path, pursuing your passions and living a fulfilling life. 


I’m SO passionate about sharing my expertise with you, helping you create a life-changing career transition!

What participants are saying about the workshops

White Structure

"" much practical information that I can utilize right away! Kelly's, "Navigating Career Transitions with Confidence," seminar was clear and concise and provided insights and practical tools into not only career transitions but life transitions. It is for people at all levels of their careers -- even retirement. It is valuable for just plain living life joyously and finding your path. 

Lee Ann Buras
Retired Educator and HR Professional
"Inspired me on a personal and professional level! During my career transition, I have felt anxious and lost at times. But Kelly's workshop helped me find greater assurance in who I am, and even prompted me to take an action step towards an exciting opportunity."
Sam K
Los Angeles
WOW! I was expecting “what color is your parachute” and some practical steps to make a career shift, which we got; but Kelly gave us so much more. Her workshop, Navigating Career Transitions With Confidence, leads you deeper, so that you can bring your whole self – body, mind, spirit, and skills – to the turn in your particular path. Kelly’s mini-assignments helped me understand how to find clarity instead of feeling lost in a fog, plus provided some tools to persist and make things happen. The session allowed plenty of room for thoughtful discussion with others in the workshop, a wonderful way to get ideas and a fresh perspective. Truly joyful and inspiring.
Marketing Research, Los Angeles
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